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Enhanced Petrol and Engine Performance

Unleaded E10 is United Petroleum’s ethanol-based unleaded petrol offering. As a result of ethanol being present, it has an octane rating of 95; higher than the 91 octane of normal unleaded petrol. Ethanol is a natural octane enhancer - adding ethanol to petrol boosts the octane number and its performance. It also helps the other components in petrol burn more completely thereby having a cleaning effect on a cars fuel system.

Lower Price at the Pump

Unleaded E10 is an alternative fuel that utilises a renewable energy source in its production and can be supplied at a very competitive price, compared to non-ethanol unleaded petrol.

Helping Our Environment

Using Unleaded E10 can make a real difference to Australia's environment. Unleaded E10 contains 3.55% oxygen, resulting in a cleaner burning fuel, providing a chance for United Petroleum customers to reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions they emit. Unleaded E10 very significantly lowers smog causing emissions including carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons as compared to regular unleaded fuels.

Driving Australia's Economy

The manufacture and use of Unleaded E10 can help our economy in a number of ways, including;

  • Reducing our dependency on imported oil 
  • Creating the potential for future job opportunities for Australians 
  • Assisting in stimulating growth in Regional Australia 
  • Helping to build a renewable fuel industry


What is Unleaded E10?

Unleaded E10 is a new higher octane (95) unleaded fuel enhanced with up to 10% ethanol (E10).

How will Unleaded E10 improve my engine's performance?

Unleaded E10 has a higher octane compared to normal unleaded petrol. Unleaded E10 is a cleaner burning fuel which results in improved combustion and a cleaner engine.

Is Unleaded E10 suitable for my car?

Most car manufacturers approve the use of ethanol based fuel in many of their models including; Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Saab and many more.
If in doubt, check your vehicle handbook, with your vehicle manufacturer or the FCAI website - http://www.fcai.com.au/environment/can-my-vehicle-operate-on-ethanol-blend-petrol-.

Can I switch between Unleaded E10 and other grades of petrol?

Motorists can freely use Unleaded E10 with other grades of petrol.

How much ethanol is in Unleaded E10?

The Federal Government has regulated a 10% limit for ethanol in petrol. United has strict procedures in place to ensure we always comply with this requirement.

For more technical information about this fuel please see our MSDS report below.

Unleaded E10 MSDS Report

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