Safe Use & Handling of United Products

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) provide important information for the safe use, handling & disposal of products sold on United Fuels sites. The latest SDSs are available for reference or download from the United Fuels Safety Data Sheets links in the respective fuel page. Additional information can be obtained from the 24 / 7 Poisons Emergency Hotline (available across Australia) – 131126.

 For the reporting of emergency incidents at United Facilities, or involving United vehicles transporting our productsd, always call 000 immediately.

To notify United of any serious incidents, safety, security or environmental concerns you can speak to United site staff directly or contact the 24 / 7 United Emergency Response Service – ISS First Response Call Centre directly on 1800 428 288


ISS First Response can provide product & ER related advice to callers or, where necessary, notify local United staff or specialist advisors to respond.

United Product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Reports

United Petroleum Car Wash Products MSDS Reports

In Store Products MSDS Reports

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