Premium 98

Enhanced Petrol and Engine Performance

Premium 98 is a high performance fuel with an octane rating of 98, compared with standard unleaded petrol which has an octane rating of 91. The high octane rating gives you optimum engine, cleaner burning and higher engine performance. Premium 98 will give your car more zip!

Premium 98 Benefits

Engines fitted with knock-sensors can take advantage of the higher octane level. It allows the engine to be more efficient and have better fuel consumption due to cleaner and more complete burning of fuels. This will allow your vehicle to travel a greater distance compared to standard unleaded petrol.

Benefits of Premium 98:

  • Better fuel economy 
  • Better engine performance 
  • Cleaner burning of fuel 
  • Higher performance fuel


What is Premium 98?

Premium 98 is an unleaded fuel which is has an octane rating of 98 (RON).

How will Premium 98 improve my engine's performance?

Premium 98's point of difference is its ability to allow your engine to work more efficiently in order to deliver better engine performance.

Is Premium 98 suited for my car?

Modern and modified vehicles with engine management systems fitted with knock-sensors, will gain the full benefit of Premium 98.
However the fuel is suitable for all cars that run on unleaded petroleum and all suitable cars will gain performance improvements.

Can I switch between Premium 98 and other unleaded fuel?

Motorists can freely use Premium 98 with other grades of unleaded petrol.

For more technical information about this fuel please see our MSDS report below.

Premium 98 MSDS Report

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