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Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD)

United Diesel is a premium grade automotive diesel suitable for use in high speed diesel engines in both automotive and industrial applications. The diesel properties are adjusted and reformulated during winter to minimise any waxing in cold locations. United Diesel has a high cetane number to help ensure smooth running, which assists starting temperatures well below those prevailing in Australia. In addition the lubricity of the diesel fuel is controlled and monitored to help prevent fuel pump and fuel injector wear.

Low Sulphur Diesel contains less than 10 parts per million (or 10mg/kg) of sulphur.

United Diesel meets and exceeds the requirements of the Australian National Fuels Quality Standards Act 2000.

Benefits of United Diesel

United Diesel facilitates the adoption of cleaner engine technologies. A diesel engine is an auto igniting engine which has a higher compression ratio, generally resulting in lower fuel consumption than an equivalent petrol engine. 

Diesel is the most popular light commercial vehicle and industrial transport fuel in Australia. As it is slower burning it creates improved fuel economy and is a safer alternative to petrol based products.

For more technical information about this fuel please see our MSDS report below.

Diesel MSDS Report

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