Why United

At United, we view the relationship with our franchisees as a 'Financial Partnership' in which our objectives are aligned. As a franchisee you will have someone to provide you with support in times that you may lack knowledge, or simply need someone to bounce ideas off.

At United we want to see you succeed. Becoming part of the United franchise family is a great opportunity to own your own business whilst being part of an established network. In doing so you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Mentoring and Coaching - provided by our dedicated Franchise and Field Teams to empower you with knowledge, support, guidance and assist you in building your business.
  • UnitedCard - our very own successful fleet card used by businesses small and large to manage their fleet's fuel purchases and drive large volumes right to your doorstep.
  • Shop UP/What's UP - United's very own unique monthly magazine. This informs you of all current promotions and gives you expert advice across all categories to keep you well informed of industry updates as well as how to maximise on profit opportunity.
  • Full and Comprehensive Training - We want our franchisees to hit the ground running as well-trained, competent operators. At United Petroleum the training is detailed across all areas of the business over a specially tailored five-week induction program.
  • Ongoing Innovation - United was the first retailer to offer ethanol petroleum products at all sites. This means that users of ethanol petroleum products pay less and get the benefits of a cleaner burning fuel. Better for the car and the environment as well as more savings for your customers.
  • Reassuring Fuel Management - United now own and operate two fuel terminals and one ethanol facility in Australia. All fuel supply to a United site is managed through a well organized, reliable program at Head Office to keep your workload to a minimum. This frees you up so that you may spend more time in store getting to know your customers and building your relationships and loyalty.
Here is what our franchisees have to say about being a part of The United Petroleum Franchise Family:
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